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Horologica Review, November 2016 
NAWCC Watch & Clock Bulletin, November/December, Vol.58/6. No.424 Pages 553/554

Reader Reviews

Although the clocks themselves, say so much about the man, to have so much background information based upon primary source information is invaluable to help us understand not only his own working methods, but also the whole set up of London clockmaking at the time.

What a beautiful book. All your hard work and dedication has produced something which is very special and its quality surpasses by a mile anything else in my library”. Tony

I have just finished reading your wonderful Gretton book from beginning to end.  Actually, I skipped most of the thumbnail sketches in Appendix 1, but I did read the rest, mostly over cups of tea on many mornings this summer.  Many!

I am so impressed with the level of detail you went to and the pains you took in preparing this fine book. You have covered most anything a researcher of Gretton could ask for, and certainly anything a collector could wish for.  It's just plain great - Great Gretton!  Stuart Kelley

"I am delighted to say 'The Book' has arrived safely. I have already started the read.

The scope of the material is amazing and a great reflection on your dedicated voyage of discovery. 

Gretton must be smiling on you.

He would never have seen the totality recorded in one place of the output of his work during his lifetime and the legacy he left. It is extraordinary that 400 years later there is a renaissance of his achievements.

We are privileged to be able to see it now.  

The quality of the tome and the fine detail makes it a work of art in itself.  

It also throws so much on the life at the time which  would have been experienced during this golden age in a small area of London by the designers, the metal workers, the wood workers, the suppliers, the buyers and society talk from the ale houses to the palaces. If a clock could talk of what it has seen and heard! 

Many congratulations".  Anthony

“The book is outstandingly beautiful - and so is the slipcase. The lettering is so well-chosen as is the whole elegant design - it is a true work of art”. Victor.

"Yesterday at 5, I set out a glass of nice Chablis, some smoked salmon, English coastal cheddar, and tapenade on Ritz crackers, turned on music from the eighteenth century--some harp concertos--and opened your book.

Your production is magnificent.  I have only scanned the book, looking at the images, but I am most impressed.  Yesterday afternoon was one of those magical times that occur only too infrequently, when you are anticipating something, but what occurs is far beyond your expectations.  Your book is magic! 

I am quite taken by the quality of your book.  It is exceptional. I'm also taken by the attention to detail--Magical. Your photography and its presentation are first rate. Congratulations".

I suppose you know that henceforth you will be regarded as THE experts on Gretton. These comments come from my personal experience with researching Henry Jones. Thank you ever so much for your magical book". Stuart.  

"I am almost through the book now having read the historical context, watches, longcase clock, and spring clock chapters.  Each chapter continues the quality established at the very beginning.  And the quality really started with the binding.  I love books and yours is all around wonderful." Niles

“I have gotten more into your book and I am delighted:


Extensively Researched, beautifully Illustrated and Photographed, wonderfully Bound.

This book belongs in my horological library right next to Terrence Camerer Cuss' The English Watch 1585 - 1970, Evans' et. al. Thomas Tompion 300 Years, and Rubert T. Gould's The Marine Chronometer.  I may never own a Gretton clock or watch but I can enjoy Gretton's mastery of the horological arts through your book, Charles Gretton Clock & Watchmaking Through the Golden Age.

Needless to say, I am thrilled with the book and it certainly beats my expectations.  This is one of the finest books in horology.  I look forward to spending more time with it and giving it a thorough read.  It will indeed be a wonderful reference for my on-going interest in and study of English clock and watchmaking.” Niles