• 660 pages of never-before published material, photographs and history of early clock and watchmaking, tracing the development of clock and watch movements and case styles from the early 1670s to the mid-1720s.
  • Includes chapters on longcase, spring and lantern clocks as well as watches.
  • Many of the clocks and watches have detailed reviews with descriptions, specifications and photographs.
  • CLOCK & WATCHMAKING THROUGH THE GOLDEN AGE is lavishly illustrated with almost 1,000 images, charts, graphs and tables, most in full colour. A prestigious complement to any horological library.  
  • Not only will this book be of interest to knowledgeable horologists, but also to those with lesser awareness of clocks and watches. Following the socio-economic raise of a 17th century skilled craftsman paints an enlightening picture of what may have been the life of many yet unrecorded clockmakers.
  • Extensive history of the life of Charles Gretton, his family, apprentices and workshop.
  • An appendix includes a summary of every known Gretton piece with a description and  image.