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  • Readers suggest that this is one of the three best horological books ever published. Click 'reviews' to read more feedback.
  • Additional clocks and watches continue to be found. Two Gretton clocks were sold by Hutchinson Scott Auctioneers in Skipton UK, May 2018.
  • Reviewed by BHI (UK) January 2018 by Gordon Hoar - First class illustrations, the whole production shouts quality. It is simply the best horological book I have ever purchased. Superb.
  • Reviewed by Tijdschrift (Netherlands) 1/2017 March 2017 by Kees Grimbergen, John Selders (horloges) - 'Impressive and beautifully illustrated book'. 'This book is of a high standard, very informative and will certainly be a joy for the horological enthusiast'. English translation also provided.
  • Reviewed by the NAWCC Watch & Clock Bulletin (USA) - Fantastic review: 'a must buy book'.
  • Reviewed by Klassik Uhren (Germany) - Great review: 'The book's appearance is fantastic' 'Informative and well described in a clean layout which is easy to read'. English translation also provided.
  • Reviewed by Clocks Magazine (UK) - Fantastic review: 'Breathtaking', 'a must for the bookshelves of the serious antiquarian horologist'.
  • A review in Antiquarian Horology (UK) praises the research, image quality and the book design. However, this review has errors, misquotes and remarks that are taken out of context. Author corrections and comments are provided separately.